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“I chose to order from Wendy’s Cupcakes because Wendy and I work together, and she’s been giving samples. I loved her haupia (coconut) cupcakes with strawberry crumble so much I had to order for my sister-in-law who loves strawberries and for my son’s birthday.  I wanted my family to try with how much I was talking about it.

My cupcake decorations were amazing. I wanted it simple with the gold cupcake liner and the cupcakes would shine with the taste.

My family and I loved the taste of our cupcakes. They understood what I was saying that the haupia (coconut) and strawberry crumble paired so well. They said it wasn’t overpowering or too sweet. They loved that it tasted just like the ice cream.

Since my family tasted the cupcakes, now my mom wants to try her red velvet cupcakes, as well as my brother-in-law seeing her Hershey kisses cupcake and the coconut cupcakes on Wendy’s Cupcakes website.

The most memorable experience working with Wendy’s Cupcakes is that Wendy IS amazing. She puts her love and ideas to life and accommodates people’s wants. She would update me, send pictures and even gifted my son some of her chocolate dipped Golden Oreo cookies that I brought home for them to try. Those are his favorites and for her to give that to him made him light up with happiness. That was the most memorable thing seeing such a small act of love from her baking that he enjoys and that just made his day.

Wendy’s Cupcakes has exceeded my expectations. Wendy works hard, bakes with love and enjoys seeing people happy with her creations.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you Wendy.  These haupia (coconut) cupcakes with strawberry crumble are my FAVORITE cupcakes. I love supporting friends, small businesses because I want them to know how much I appreciate their work and love.

I can’t wait to order different cupcake flavors so my family can try different ones. I don’t cook or bake so this was a huge relief for me. I mostly buy cupcakes (and cakes) from the store because it takes so much time and I mess up but for Wendy to take time out of her days to make cupcakes for others to enjoy with their family and to have one less thing to worry about makes me appreciate her more.”

~ Gabrielle (Gabby) Alapai
Haupia (coconut) Cupcakes with Strawberry buttercream frosting. Topping: Strawberry Crumble
Callie’s Birthday Kisses Cupcakes

“Wendy’s Cupcakes has great customer service and really nice, delicious cupcakes.” ~ Ivette

“I originally tasted Wendy’s Cupcakes at a friend’s birthday party, and it was very good. My daughter and I loved the Guava Bliss Cupcakes (pic. above) we ordered for a bridal shower! The most memorable experience we had working with Wendy was the prompt and friendly response, and attractive cupcake decorations. Overall, my daughter and I were very satisfied with our cupcakes and service.” ~ Gayle and Cindy

“Our Ariel custom cupcake decorations were beautiful!!  Exactly how I wanted them to turn out!  The taste of our cupcakes were Amazing!! Super soft cake and great buttercream!  The most memorable experience was seeing my daughter’s face when she saw her cupcakes displayed on the dessert tower.  Everything was perfect!  Wendy’s Cupcakes were very professional and accommodating! Great vendor to work with.” ~ G. Rambonga

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