Responsible Choice

Whenever you are faced with making a choice, remember that the choice not to choose is a choice. A choice that will probably continuously make you feel and remain stuck (in your life). Each decision you make is either helping you create the life you want, or the life other people want you to live for them.

The next time you are faced with a making a choice, use this helpful responsible choice method:

A responsible choice is a choice that takes into account the consequences of each of your choices. In order to make a responsible choice you must ask yourself (and write it all down), for each choice that you are considering, ‘What will this produce? Do I really want to create that? Am I ready to accept all of the consequences of this choice?’ Think of the best and worst-case scenarios.

Project yourself into the probable future (positive and negative) that will unfold with each choice that you are considering. Do this not with the energy of intention (getting a result), but simply to test the water, to get the feel for what you are considering creating. See how you feel. Ask yourself, ‘Is this what I really want?‘ and then decide (set a specific date on when you will make your decision).

When you take the consequences of your choice into your decision, and when you choose to remain conscious (aware), that is a Responsible Choice.”

~ Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav

🥂 Cheers to you and I hope you take the time to truly make the best responsible choice for you!

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Courage or Comfort?

I love to be comfortable, but I also know that being and staying in my comfort zone brings more of the same… very little results. So I do more things out of my comfort zone, which takes courage (lots of it for me) and this is when positive things start to happen. It might take longer than you want, but in due time, having the courage (the ability to do something that frightens you and having strength in the face of pain or grief) to slowly get out of your comfort zone is where positive things happen.

What will you choose today… courage or comfort?

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