Wendy’s Cupcakes

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Red Velvet Cupcake

Thank you for your interest in Wendy’s CupcakesWe are a pre-order Homemade Food Operation located in Waianae, Hawaii.

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Our cupcakes are decorated with a rose design (as seen in photo) and we frost the entire cupcakes too!   


Birthday – funfetti w/ vanilla buttercream frosting.  Topping:  Rainbow sprinkles

Hapa – vanilla w/ chocolate buttercream frosting

Lilikoi (passion fruit)vanilla w/ peach-color lilikoi buttercream frosting

Red Velvet w/ cream cheese buttercream frosting.  Topping:  Red heart candy

Wedding – vanilla w/ vanilla buttercream frosting

Cupcakes: $3.25 – $3.50 / each

There is a minimum order which is listed on our Dessert Menu.

Please place your order 4 weeks in advance.

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