Cultivating Power

I recently came across The Life Coach School podcast with Broke Castillo (Master Certified Instructor. Author. Curriculum Creator for The Life Coach School) and I just love the way she teaches the importance of “Emotional Health”. She has some really good podcasts that I will be posting on my blog weekly (every Thursday). Take a listen to this one and enjoy all the good advice she has to offer!


  • Why society’s common understanding of power is misguided.
  • How to re-calibrate your definition of power so you can generate it from within.
  • How to choose thoughts that make you feel powerful and allow you to create from the future.
  • Why true power makes us feel peaceful, rather than controlling or dominating.
  • Some thoughts you can choose to believe to make yourself feel powerful.
  • Why power is a skill we have to practice and develop.
Listen to the Show HERE.